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30,000 travel records compromised in Pentagon Data Breach

30,000 Travel Records compromised in Pentagon Data BreachThe travel records of up to 30,000 U.S. military and civilian workers have reportedly been leaked through a commercial vendor used by the Pentagon. According to a report , an anonymous source familiar with the matter stated that this breach was discovered on October 4th, but may have happened months ago.

It says that Pentagon has been hit by a cyber breach of Defense Department travel records that may have compromised the credit card data and other personal information of its workers. A United States official with knowledge of the breach, who spoke with the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity while an investigation is underway, said that as many as 30,000 workers could have been affected.

Lt. Col. Joseph Buccino, a spokesman from the Pentagon, confirmed in a statement by email that the Defense Department is investigating the hack, which he said occurred through a yet-unnamed contractor that maintained the department’s travel records.

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Special Privilege To Honest Taxpayers In Airports, Railway and Toll Plaza

Special Privilege To Honest Taxpayers In Airports, Railway and Toll PlazaThe government is working on a larger plan for the honest taxpayers , an how to give benefits ”Priority Service” while using public services to the Tax payers at airports, railways stations and at tolls on highways, it is definitely a great move by the Government.

There are about 8 crore income taxpayers in the country at present could get benefited with this scheme and the CBDT has instructed the taxman to add 1.25 crore to this tally by the end of the current financial year in March 2019.

The proposal will be introduced by the Finance Ministry and sent for final approval to the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) before it is cleared by the Union cabinet. A cabinet note to enhance the output of the Central Processing Centre (CPC) of the department in Bengaluru has already been prepared and sent.

They said that a committee under the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the policy-making body for the Income Tax Department (ITD), is working to chalk out the broad parameters for extending such “courtesies” and benefits to taxpayers who pay their taxes on time and in full.

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Too Much Cloud Movement Lead To Collaboration


Too Much Cloud Movement Lead To CollaborationCloud adoption is enabling massive business transformation and tremendous growth for today’s digital business, but it also creates huge visibility gaps and span of control challenges for organizations. While hybrid architectures are a reality for most modern enterprises and cloud is now considered an extension of the enterprise infrastructure, the majority of performance management tools available in the market are incapable of providing unified and user-centric visibility for hybrid cloud environments and the user’s digital experience. In the 2018 State of Cloud Monitoring Survey recently conducted by Riverbed, IT network and cloud business decision makers shared their difficulties with 92% of participants stating they faced challenges with performance management in their cloud environment, and 60% of participants stated that their end users experienced cloud performance issues first before companies knew about them.

As cloud adoption has become ubiquitous, cloud deployments and the applications themselves have become increasingly complex and distributed. Ensuring performance of the end-user experience, apps, networks and cloud vendors themselves is a daunting challenge, Public cloud continues to make inroads, with our research showing that 41% of enterprises are heavily using public cloud and 72% of those users are deploying in multi-cloud environments. So, it is of no surprise that 60% of organizations anticipate that they will invest in cloud services monitoring and visibility over the next two years.

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Modiin Entrepreneurs’ to Set Up Startup Incubation Facilities in India

Modiin Entrepreneurs' to Set Up Startup Incubation Facilities in IndiaModiin Entrepreneurs’ Israel-based Startup Hub is going to set up an India-Israeli Innovation Centre (IIIC) in Bengaluru, which will be its first startup incubation facility in India after the US, the UK and China.

A 10,000 square feet area has selected in Bengaluru facility, which is MESH’s fourth such facility globally, will be set up in the central business district of Bengaluru and will be operated by MESH itself.

Beside giving Indian startups access to Israeli investors and frontier tech talent, the Bengaluru and other upcoming incubator facilities will bring on board both Israeli and Indian educational institutions for collaboration and co-research, under which Israel’s Technion, Ben-Gurian and Tel Aviv Universities will join hands with India’s IITs and IIIT.

It is also fact that, Israel as a country is strong point into security and cyber security portfolio and they are also aligning its India strategy around government initiatives like Startup India and Digital India. Israel will team up with Indian government policy think tank, NITI Aayog, and Atal Innovation Mission, an innovation promotion platform involving academics, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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Is internet shutdown likely in next 48 hours?

Is internet shutdown likely in next 48 hoursIf reports are to be believed, internet users across the globe may experience widespread network outrage. The network failure will result because of the key domain servers slated to undergo routine maintenance over the next 48 hours.

According to a leading Russian Daily, the main domain servers and its related network infrastructure will be down for some time, because of which global internet users might experience network connection failures.

The maintenance work will be carried out by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), during which the cryptographic key will be changed that helps protect the internet’s address book or the Domain Name System (DNS). This has been necessitated to counter the rising incidents of cyber-attacks, the ICANN said.

In a statement, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) said the global internet shutdown is necessary for ensuring a secure, stable and resilient DNS. “To further clarify, some internet users might be affected if their network operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not prepared for this change. However, this impact can be avoided by enabling the appropriate system security extensions,” it added.

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VARINDIA launches its Android App

VARINDIA launches its Android AppVARINDIA, the premium B2B IT and telecom magazine, has launched its first Android app to keep its readers updated daily about the latest happenings in the dynamic IT industry. Now, readers can easily go through the IT- and telecom-related news with just a single click on the app. The app is now available on the Google Play store.

VARINDIA has been the propagator of a technological revolution by continually providing its readers and patrons with the latest news, views and analysis on Indian IT and telecommunication which is most relevant. It has earned its reputation as a one-stop destination for news related to ICT.

What the app offers:

The Mobile App for all Platforms including iOS and Android was launched on 9th October, 2018 with the latest reader-friendly UX model to reach its readers in a completely different format to experience news items on the go by using the AI-integrated framework and technology platform. This platform delivers both videos and news stories in English and supports 143+ different languages worldwide. The app is addressing on a daily basis news items and videos on the IT VAR fraternity through its single national publication.

Dr Deepak Kumar Sahu, Director, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, VARINDIA, said, “This unique platform provides a one-tap access to a real-time update to the partner community on the latest happenings on the Indian ICT industry which considers a variety of parameters including location, news categories, preferred style of news and so on. Users can get IT- related updated stories at their fingertips on an everyday basis. And very soon, we will publish it in 143+ international languages worldwide and support multiple devices like Smart TV or Desktop also.”

Users can also post their opinions and add these to the newscast which can then be shared with popular social media channels. It has a strong presence in the metros, A-, B-, C- and D- class cities in the country, covering over 30,000 channel partners in more than 300 towns and cities. Its online property varindia.com and daily Newswire VARINDIA News Services (VNS) are preferred by 90 per cent of the partners for the latest IT channel news. With more than 300,000 page views, it is the leading website dedicated to the IT business partners (VARs), covering the latest news of the hour, views, analysis, product launches relevant to the channel community. The recent one is Test lab and presence of News Studio at the national level….

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Alibaba drafts roadmap for research in frontier technology

Alibaba drafts roadmap for research in frontier technologyAlibaba Group Holding has laid out its development roadmap for frontier technologies, including quantum computing and AI chips, on the opening day of the Cloud Computing Conference 2018. The conference, which is being attended by technology leaders, experts and industry luminaries, is scheduled for four days through September 22 at Alibaba’s home base of Hangzhou.

Alibaba DAMO Academy, a global initiative by Alibaba to lead technology and science research, has unveiled plans to develop disruptive technologies over the next five years. The technologies are developed to support the firm’s rapidly growing cloud and IoT businesses, as well as to explore new commercial applications in various industries – from logistics, materials to pharmaceuticals – that require greater computing power to achieve technology breakthrough –

· Quantum Computing: The Academy has embarked on developing its own quantum processors. The Hangzhou-based quantum hardware team is developing high-precision, multiple-qubit superconducting quantum processors. In the meantime, the Academy will continue its efforts in driving quantum development. This includes building cloud-accessed, quantum-classical heterogenous systems for delivering quantum computing power as a utility, and searching for super-fast quantum-classical hybrid algorithms to solve fundamental problems in machine learning, optimization, and physics simulations. The expansion to hardware reflects the Academy’s conviction that the co-development of hardware and application will expedite the realization of quantum computing’s revolutionary potentials.

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