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Cisco redefines WAN architectures

Cisco redefines WAN architectures

According to the 2012 Cisco Global Cloud Networking Survey, the majority of IT decision- makers cite a cloud-ready network as the biggest requirement to enable the migration of business applications to the cloud.


To meet these challenges, Cisco has announced the Cisco Cloud Connected Solution, introducing cloud-enabled routing and wide area network (WAN) optimization platforms, along with Cloud Connectors. In addition, Cisco is also introducing enhancements to existing routing, security and WAN optimization solutions, including WAN innovations as well as new features and models on the ASR, ISR G2 and WAAS appliances.

Praveen Akkiraju, Senior Vice-President & General Manager, Cisco Services Routing Technology Group, said, “As businesses are driving the rapid adoption of cloud-based services, routing platforms and the WAN have become a strategic control point to provide an optimal user experience across the cloud. The Cisco Cloud Connected Solution redefines the WAN architecture with key innovations that leverage the network intelligence as a critical link in cloud deployments by putting more functionality into traditional enterprise routing, allowing customers to connect to the cloud with an optimal user experience.”


Quality user experience ensured

Quality user experience ensured 

HP has launched its Network Infrastructure Optimization Services portfolio, designed to help customers evaluate and improve their network flow and infrastructure to ensure a quality user experience.  


The HP Network Infrastructure Optimization Services portfolio spans network topology from within the data center and between data centers to wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, while optimizing infrastructure to make applications run faster.  


“With a dispersed workforce and growing connectivity demands, enterprises can no longer revert to traditional singular quick fixes, such as adding bandwidth, to address network issues. HP’s new services pinpoint inefficiencies that can be removed for a greater end-user experience,” said Uday Birje, Country Manager, Network Consulting and Services, HP India.

Riverbed Steelhead models announced

Riverbed Steelhead models announced

Riverbed Technology has announced new Steelhead models, the Steelhead 150 appliance and Virtual Steelhead 150, as part of its comprehensive wide area network WAN) optimization product suite. With these additions to the Steelhead product family, businesses in emerging markets, retail customers, and governments and municipalities that have minimal bandwidth or few users at each location, as well as current customers who would like to extend the deployment to offices with fewer employees, can obtain a cost-effective solution that optimizes bandwidth and reduces remote infrastructure.


In addition, the new Steelhead appliance models provide robust WAN optimization solutions for locations in emerging markets that require low-cost flexible deployment models.


“Our new Steelhead appliances, both physical and virtual, provide vertical markets, such as retail, healthcare and even SMB organizations with a cost-effective solution to reduce bandwidth utilization at remote locations,” said John Martin, Senior Vice-President, Product Management, Riverbed.

Enterprises to accelerate their Cloud journey

Enterprises to accelerate their Cloud journey

Riverbed Technology has continued partnership with VMware, which was developed to help enterprises accelerate their journey to the cloud, enabling businesses to increase efficiency and improve productivity while reducing costs. With the latest collaboration, Riverbed wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions accelerate virtual machines (VMs) moving between clouds private, public and hybrid with VMware vCloud Connector.


“Businesses all over the world are turning to virtualization and cloud computing to simplify their IT infrastructure, consolidating, and moving applications to the cloud. To support this trend, Riverbed and VMware continue to innovate to provide additional value and benefits for our customers’ existing investments,” said Parag Patel, Vice-President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware.


Venugopal Pai, Vice-President, Global Alliances, Riverbed, said, “Building on Riverbed’s partnership with VMware, this latest collaboration brings together the best-of-breed Riverbed Steelhead products with VMware vCloud Connector, delivering an innovative solution for utilizing different cloud environments, reducing costs, and improving data integrity for customers.”

Orange bags contract from Rio Tinto

Orange Business Services has bagged a five-year contract from Rio Tinto to deliver global networking and security services to more than 280 Rio Tinto sites around the world. The services support users in both global offices as well as remote mining locations such as Canga East in Guinea, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia and Almaty in Kazakhstan.

This new contract is believed to consolidate IT infrastructure, enhance network performance and further integrate global resources cost effectively. Building on a 10-year working partnership between the two companies, this contract is expected to allow further consolidation of IT infrastructure and services while addressing developing business requirements and improving agility and flexibility.

Orange Business Services claims to provide WAN services including satellite access and network management, as well as secure Internet gateways and traffic optimization. These services will be provided under a dedicated service management structure, backed by global consulting and project management, and supported through a service catalog and order management portal.

Scott Singer, Head, Global Business Services, Rio Tinto said, “Orange’s global capabilities deliver considerable value to Rio Tinto. Over the past decade, Orange’s technology and service solutions have supported our divestment and acquisition activities. We look forward to continuing to work with them to support our growth program, especially in developing nations where we will leverage Orange’s far reaching network capabilities.”

Gordon Makryllos, MD, Orange Business Services Australasia said, “With 1,500 points-of-presence around the world, our high performance global network allows us to provide Rio Tinto with secure services and coverage anytime, anywhere, whether terrestrially or over satellite. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to Rio Tinto so they can continue in their tradition of operational excellence.”

Blue Coat positioned in Leaders Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controller

Blue Coat Systems has announced that it has been positioned in the Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers by Gartner, Inc. Blue Coat MACH5 WAN Optimization appliances and virtual appliances is believed to provide traditional and WAN optimization to reduce network costs and accelerate performance of important enterprise applications, file access, backup and email in addition to, live and on-demand video, Web content and Web-based and cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.


Steve Daheb, Chief Marketing Officer & Sr. VP, Blue Coat Systems said, “The requirements for WAN optimization are changing dramatically. The increasing adoption of video, Web-based applications and cloud computing services require that a next generation of WAN optimization solutions support new performance needs. Blue Coat uniquely addresses WAN optimization requirements for both traditional data types and applications, such as backup and disaster recovery, while also addressing the critical and growing need to accelerate cloud and Web-based applications and video.”


The MACH5 solution includes video delivery function, and it supports Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5, QuickTime and Microsoft Window Media along with “one-sided” (asymmetric) acceleration technology to accelerate and reduce bandwidth requirements of cloud-delivered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and Web content with the use of a single appliance at the customer’s location but without requiring a WAN optimization device in the cloud provider’s infrastructure.

Blue Coat adds Web Security to WAN Optimization

Blue Coat adds Web Security to WAN Optimization

Blue Coat has added Cloud-Connector to its Blue Coat MACH5 WAN optimization appliances and virtual appliances. Cloud-Connector allows companies with Blue Coat WAN optimization solutions deployed in branch or remote offices to instantly apply Web security from the Blue Coat Cloud Service. Having secure “branch-to-cloud” direct Internet access, enables companies to stop the common practice of backhauling Internet traffic to and from the corporate data center and offers a chance to re-architect the Wide Area Network (WAN) to meet the new application realities. Branch-to-cloud topology lowers networking costs and speeds access to cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.


“With the rapid adoption of cloud-based services and applications, companies are re-thinking the typical enterprise standard of routing Internet traffic from branch offices through a central data center or headquarters. If an enterprise can easily get the same level of Web security at the branch office that exists at the data center, it will have the flexibility to choose a network topology which is both cost-effective and business-centric,” said Cindy Borovick, Vice-President, IDC.


Steve Daheb, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice-President, Blue Coat Systems, said, “Blue Coat Next Generation WAN optimization enables companies to transform their existing networks and drive optimization beyond the traditional Wide Area Network. The Internet is the fundamental technology connection point for any business. Our Cloud-Connector enables enterprises to re-architect private WAN designs to safely embrace Internet connectivity to reduce costs, enable faster cloud performance and scalably deliver video – while also optimizing traditional consolidated internal applications across the WAN.”


Cloud-Connector is available beginning November 22, 2011 in the latest software release for MACH5 appliances. The capability is fully integrated into the software, and there is no extra charge to customers. Existing customers under a service contract can upgrade to the latest version of SGOS to get the Cloud-Connector capability. The Blue Coat Cloud Service is priced on a subscription model based on the number of employees subscribed and specific services utilized.