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Xiaomi to take legal action against illegal websites


Xiaomi will be taking legal action against websites selling its phones illegally and infringing on the company’s trademark in India. The company at present has an ongoing patent dispute with Ericsson.

The Swedish telecom equipment maker had alleged earlier this month that Xiaomi was selling MediaTek-powered smartphones through Xiaomishop.com, in violation of an interim order of the Delhi High Court that allowed the company to only sell Qualcomm chipset smartphones. The Chinese smartphone maker had then told the court that the website was not an authorized seller for Xiaomi products.

In more steps to conform to Indian laws and assuage lingering concerns, Xiaomi is in talks with manufacturing partners Foxconn and Inventec to set up a manufacturing base in India, its second most important market after China, apart from moving its data servers to the country by end of 2015. See more


Duo to protect Websites from Malware

Duo to protect Websites from Malware

Bitdefender has teamed up with Acunetix to protect users of WebsiteDefender by having their website scanned by Bitdefender’s malware detection technology.


“Our partnership with Bitdefender will allow us to offer a complete malware scanning solution within WebsiteDefender, an industry first. Coupled with its innovative backup feature, WebsiteDefender provides malware detection and easy removal. WebsiteDefender further establishes itself as the leading website security monitoring service, allowing users to secure their web presence against malware and hackers without the need for advanced security know-how,” said Nick Galea, CEO, Acunetix.


“We are confident that a multiple award-winning technology with a long-standing tradition in leading the way in terms of proactive data protection is a strong asset for any WebsiteDefender user. This partnership is an excellent addition to the Bitdefender OEM portfolio that caters to all website owners’ data security and business protection needs,” said Peter Laakkonen, General Manager, OEM and Technology Licensing,Bitdefender.

Cyber attack on Indian Govt, Tibetan websites

Cyber attack on Indian Govt, Tibetan websites

According to Trend Micro, Websites of Indian Government and Tibetan Activists in the country are under attack in a cyber attack campaign engineered by a Chinese hacker, working with Tencent.

Baburaj Varma, Head – Technical Services (India & SAARC) Trend Micro said, “We were able to track elements of this campaign to hackers based in China. The victims include Indian military research organisations and shipping companies, besides aerospace, energy and engineering companies in Japan.”

Cyber Criminals hacked Andhra Govt. websites

Cyber Criminals hacked Andhra Govt. websites

The cyber criminals broke into one of the government servers and hacked as many as 27 websites of various departments of Andhra Pradesh exposing the chinks in the state’s cyber security.


It is believed that the hackers did not deface the pages or steal the information but only added additional pages with their message.


The websites which were hacked include those of departments of commercial taxes, general administration department, horticulture, factories, gazette notifications and government orders.


Some Bangladeshi hacking groups are suspected to be behind the incident.


Ponnala Lakshmaiah, State Information Technology Minister claimed, “There was no loss of data. One of the 50 government servers was hacked and 27 websites supported by the server were affected.”


The officials shared, “None of the websites had data relating to 2012-13 budget, which is to be presented in the state legislature Friday.”


Anam Ramnarayan Reddy, Finance Minister denied that the website of finance department was hacked. He denied that the budget was leaked. The minister said the budget would be posted on the website only after it was presented in the budget.

Unistal launched 3 new websites

Unistal launched 3 new websites

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. has launched three new websites for Activity Reporter http://www.activity-logger.com, Parental Control http://www.parentalcontrolutility.com and Data Leakage Prevention http://www.dlpsoftware.com.


Activity Reporter, utility software in http://www.Activity-logger.com and http://www.parentalcontrolutility.com collects all user activities on the Computer and power the owner/ Parents to have the reports of system’s activity any time anywhere. It is a very important tool for parents as it acts as parental control utility software and helps parents to monitor their child internet activities helps them in giving positive counseling. Activity Reporter records from keystrokes, internet activity to application activities of every user silently on their computer and maintains it in a log file for several days with the option to send the details at specified email id.


This is said to be the best PC monitoring software which automatically records all types of email conversations, chats, website visits, passwords and documents lists.

F5 BIG-IP protects against Cyber Attacks on Public-Facing Websites

F5 Networks Inc. has released its F5 BIG-IP product family has been certified by ICSA Labs as a network firewall, helping customers protect their public-facing websites from today’s massive cyber attacks. The newly certified solution claims to handle eight times more traffic at the same cost of the closest competitor’s solution.


Anil Pochiraju, MD, F5 Networks India said, “F5 provides an entirely new and more intelligent approach for defending public-facing web properties and DNS services against harmful attacks. Many of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands are leveraging F5’s BIG-IP solution to protect web properties that have substantial traffic levels and are frequent targets of malicious attacks. An added benefit of our solution is that it delivers dramatically better price/performance than traditional firewalls.”


F5’s approach is unique in that the security capabilities noted above can be deployed on BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)-best known for providing industry-leading intelligent traffic management and optimization capabilities. This firewall solution is part of F5’s comprehensive security architecture that enables customers to apply a unified security strategy. For the first time in the industry, organizations can secure their networks, data, protocols, applications, and users on a single, flexible, and extensible platform: BIG-IP.

Government of India sanctions prosecution of 21 websites

Government of India sanctions prosecution of 21 websites

The Government has given sanction for the prosecution of 21 social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo India under section 196 of the Criminal Procedure Code to proceed against the accused persons in the complaint for allegedly promoting enmity between classes and causing prejudice to national integration.


In the report given to metropolitan magistrate Sudesh Kumar, it is noted that, “The sanctioning authority has personally gone through the entire records and material produced before magistrate Sudesh Kumar and after considering and examining the same, he is satisfied that there is sufficient material to proceed against the accused persons under section 153-A, 153-B and 295-A of the IPC.”