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New Server and Workstation Motherboards from GIGABYTE

New Server and Workstation Motherboards from GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE has announced two new models of workstation motherboards and one new model dedicated to mission-critical server applications. All of them being based on the Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 product family, these new models are designed to answer demanding needs for computing resources across various usage models, form factors and scales.

While these products have been naturally thought for scenarios requiring heavy computing power through GPUs or GPGPU / co-processors cards, from CAD/CAE to rendering, simulation and modelling, their most notable advantage relies in their unique memory performance capability:

Achieved through GIGABYTE’s capabilities in design, PCB layout and BIOS fine-tuning, this feature will be most appreciated in the many workstation applications where improvements in memory frequency result in speeding up the user’s productivity and in all the industries relying on server applications where each incremental improvement in memory performance results in significant benefits, such as in finance.

Also, these three models are built with GIGABYTE’s digital PWM controllers, guaranteeing a dynamic power supply to the processor(s) and memory with an ultra-fast response time. Built with advanced calibration tools, they offer the purest and most efficient electrical supply to date. When the CPU workload varies in function of the applications running, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology will do a dynamic overclock of the CPU cores, where the digital PWMs outshine the previous analog solutions. This way, the CPU operations are much more stable, and the overall reliability of the system is greatly improved.

Thanks to the unique memory capability described above, the GA-7PESH3 can receive…..See More

Intel Xeon Solution helps deliver 45 % savings

Intel Xeon Solution helps deliver 45 % savings

Today fortune 500 companies are overwhelmingly modernising their server infrastructure from legacy UNIX/RISC to Intel Xeon processor-based servers running Linux. Organisations are realising benefits such as lower cost of maintaining and upgrading their mission critical environments and technological and security advancements.

Data from industry analysts shows a distinct trend emerging as organisations migrate their expensive legacy UNIX/RISC infrastructures to the lower cost commodity Intel Xeon based servers. IDC data from 2002 and 2010 shows a decline in server revenue for RISC mainframes from US$30 billion in 2002 to US$15 billion in 2010 and a corresponding increase in Intel x86 sever revenue from US$19.2 billion in 2002 to US$30.5 billion in 2010….See More

Intel Xeon Phi Brand unveiled

Intel Xeon Phi Brand unveiled

At the International Supercomputing Conference, Intel announced that Intel Xeon Phiis the new brand name for all future Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture-based products. Available by the end of 2012, the first generation of Intel Xeon Phi product family (coprocessors codenamed “Knights Corner”) will complement the existing Intel Xeon processor E5-2600/4600 product families. The future generations of Intel Xeon Phi products will address enterprise datacenters and workstations.

“The Intel Xeon processor E5 family is powering exponential performance gains in high- performance computing and we are proud that it is having such a profound impact on the industry as demonstrated by its presence inside 44of the Top500 supercomputers. As we add Intel Xeon Phi products to our portfolio, scientists, engineers and IT professionals will experience breakthrough levels of performance to effectively address challenges ranging from climate change to risk management,” said Raj Hazra, Vice-President & General Manager, Technical Computing, Data Center and Connected Systems Group, Intel Corporation.

This is the next step of Intel’s commitment to achieve exascale-level computation by 2018, and create a unique technology category that delivers unprecedented performance for today’s highly parallel applications,” he further added.