Month: November 2013

Toshiba introduces 7mm Solid-State Hybrid Drive

Toshiba introduces 7mm Solid-State Hybrid Drive

Toshiba has announced the launch of 7mm MQ01ABF solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) series. Equipped with Toshiba’s NAND flash and available in 500GB1 and 320GB capacities, the MQ01ABFH series is the first Toshiba SSHD drive family in 7 mm.

The SSHD delivers SSD-like performance without dependence on external drivers or assistance from the host system. The PC Mark Vantage Score, the established industry method for measuring SSHD read/write performance and responsiveness, for the MQ01ABFH series is approximately 20,000, surpassing the 16,000 industry standard result.

The MQ01ABFH series fulfils users’ desire for thin and light notebook PCs with fast response times that can keep up with their demanding gaming and multimedia applications. This addition to our SSHD lineup demonstrates Toshiba’s continued focus on delivering a wide range of storage devices that enhances the computing experience for our customers, said Kashiwabara, Senior Manager of Marketing Sec. Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Corporation.

The MQ01ABFH series underwent multiple performance and compatibility tests with a variety of host PCs, including the PC Mark Vantage test. Testing for compatibility on a variety of PC systems including high-end notebook PCs, thin and light, and ultrathin, the drive proved compatible with nearly 200 PC systems.

The 7mm SSD model uses self-learning algorithms to optimize performance based on users’ data access patterns which can enhance their computing experience. In addition, Toshiba’s MQ01ABFH series boasts power consumption and operational shock levels than its competitors……See More

Infor to expand Channel Sales in India

Infor to expand Channel Sales in India

As per an announcement, Karni Soft Solutions has joined the Infor Partner Network (IPN) to focus on selling and servicing Infor LX, Infor SyteLine, Infor Advanced Planning & Scheduling solutions and Infor EAM Enterprise (Enterprise Asset Management) applications throughout India and Bangladesh.

Jeff Abbott, Vice-President, Global Alliances and ChannelsInfor, said, The Infor Partner Network continues to help our partners rapidly build profitable and sustainable businesses around Infor applications. Through the IPN programme and innovative product developments like Infor ION, and Infor 10x together with out-of-the box industry-specific functionality, Infor partners are armed with superior products and support to help them win deals and grow their revenue. With double-digit year-over-year growth, the channel remains among Infor’s fastest- growing segments.

We joined the IPN for very simple reasons. Infor has given us the tools, resources and financial incentives to win new business. Infor products boast out-of-the-box industry-specific functionality which will help us grow a profitable and sustainable business quickly. From demand generation to sales, delivery and support, we have fantastic support from Infor to put us in a strong position to win, said Umed Sethia, Director, Karni Soft Solutions.

Through the appointment of Karni Soft Solutions, Infor expands its presence in India and Bangladesh, enabling the company to focus on the key industries of textile & apparels, pharma……See More

ZTE eyeing US$800-Million Revenue from India Operations in 2014

ZTE eyeing US$800-Million Revenue from India Operations in 2014

As a part of its massive retail expansion plans, ZTE India has announced that it is targeting US$800 million revenues in the next one year. The company has also inaugurated its new exclusive experience zone in Gurgaon and further plans to invest US$10 million in marketing and branding initiatives in India. Despite telecom sector witnessing slow growth, ZTE India claims that it has registered a substantial growth with overall revenues amounting to more than US$400 million until October 2013.

Reinforcing its presence of over 13 years in the country, ZTE recently forayed into the open market with a large portfolio of smartphones and data cards. In addition, ZTE entered the managed services space with MTS after service contracts. After the country’s first 4G network in Kolkata, the company has now contributed to the 4G expansion in the Punjab with Airtel.

Xu Dejun, CEO, ZTE India, said, The ZTE exclusive zone in Gurgaon will also showcase the company’s limited edition smartphones, data cards and accessories. The company will set up many more stores in other high potential cities and will continue to invest aggressively in our terminals business.

Today, ZTE enjoys a customer base of over 36 million terminals users in the country. This widespread acceptance is a testimony to our differentiated, rich and widely trusted product portfolio, which is backed by a strong service and support network. Having forayed into the open mobile handsets market, we look ahead to offering a similar experience to end-consumers, added Xu Dejun…….See More

Telit partners with SIGFOX to drive IoT Market Growth

Telit partners with SIGFOX to drive IoT Market Growth

Telit Wireless Solutions and France-based SIGFOX have jointly announced their collaboration to increase penetration of the Internet of Things (IoT). With this tie-up, the new Telit module will extend support for the ultra-narrow band (UNB), licence-free technology of the SIGFOX network. SIGFOX’s patented Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) technology, behind the company’s network makes it possible to operate on unlicensed frequency bands available worldwide and with fewer antennas.

The long-range data transmission drastically reduces power-consumption and therefore carbon footprint and maintenance costs. Telit engages the collaboration by working with SIGFOX to develop and quickly bring to market M2M modules certified under the SIGFOX UNB network.

Ludovic Le Moan, Chief Executive Officer, SIGFOX, said, SIGFOX is glad to announce the collaboration with Telit, which will speed up the IoT market growth. This new Telit module combines existing Telit assets with SIGFOX connectivity to provide customers with a cost-effective and low energy consuming long range end-to-end connectivity solution. This new module will benefit from our network rollout, as it will become simple and optimal to connect Telit powered objects.

We are excited to contribute a product to this solution.  With so many devices unable to connect for cost and power reasons, SIGFOX is a real breakthrough for M2M. For the SIGFOX product, we are leveraging our extensive experience in power-efficient modules for scalable networks and for battery-operated devices that can communicate in coverage areas of many square kilometers,” said Felix Marchal, Chief Product Officer, Telit Wireless Solutions.……..See More

Google rolls out Partner Programme in India for SMBs

Google rolls out Partner Programme in India for SMBs

In order to empower web professionals and agencies with new leads, new opportunities and new growth, Google has announced the global launch of Google Partners programme. The programme is part of Google’s continuing efforts to build an ecosystem to help small-to-medium businesses gain from the Internet.

With this initiative, Google aims to invest in helping agencies and web professionals receive the training and access to resources necessary to help their clients succeed on the web.

Kodukulla Suryanarayana, Head of SMB Sales, Google India, said, With the launch of Google Partners, we have brought together our existing support programmes under a new platform. We are making it easier for agencies to access Google resources, training, and support all in one place. During the last three years, we have significantly ramped up the efforts to have a large footprint of agencies that support thousands of small businesses in India.

Suryanarayana added, With this new initiative, we are rolling out a global and a more comprehensive partner initiative which will help our agencies to scale their efforts and offer small and medium businesses the most advanced and latest technologies. This will help us to grow the base of our partners in India.

Google Partners initiative will reward agencies’ hard work by helping their business grow. The initiative will also help agencies to demonstrate that they have mastered best practices…….See More

Array Networks delights Customers with Discount Offer

Array Networks delights Customers with Discount Offer

With an intention of getting some benefit under the tag “Save Big with our Privilege Offer”, Array Networks has announced an exclusive discount offer for customers on the purchase of Array APV 1600-S Advanced Server Load Balancer. With this offer, the customers can avail a discount of Rs.1,00,000 on the purchase of  the Load Balancer. The offer is valid for a period of one month starting from November 2013 to the end of December 2013.

Shibu Paul, Country Manager  IN, ME & ASEAN, Array Networks, said, We have announced this offer with the intention to help our customers gain the benefits of integrating Server load balancers as part of their IT infrastructure. Array’s aim has always been to extend its support to help customers with high availability, scalability and performance for their business critical applications.

Array’s Server load balancing provides scalability, high availability and acceleration of applications, web sites and cloud services by monitoring the health of servers, evenly distributing loads across servers, off-loading server-intensive SSL processing, caching and maintaining session persistence and seamless user experience in the event of one or more servers becoming overburdened or unresponsive.

Additionally, this coupon cannot be bundled with any other offer from Array. Array reserves the right to cancel…………See More

Datawind teams up with World Vision Canada to empower Education

Datawind teams up with World Vision Canada to empower Education

Aiming to supply the UbiSlate Android-powered tablets for trial use in the development agency’s projects in the African countries, Datawind has announced its partnership with World Vision Canada. This initiative is happening through Datawind’s North American partner Canada International Trade Service Inc. As per this engagement, Datawind aims to increase aid effectiveness and education with innovative $40 tablets in several African countries.

Datawind is honoured to partner with World Vision Canada in providing technology which will help field workers in Africa as they strive to provide healthcare and education to families and children in need. We are proud to be part of this project, as we are dedicated to creating and providing technology that will empower education and promote innovation and research globally, said Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind.

In our field testing in Niger, these cost-effective tables have shown the potential to increase our aid effectiveness, monitor progress and react to health and economic challenges in communities quickly so that we are able to provide the best support possible to children and families, said Josh Folkema, World Vision Canada.

World Vision is using the DataWind UbiSlate tablets to collect data and monitor change, in an effort to ensure their development work is effectively reaching children and families.  Data collected will help World Vision to make significant improvements in healthcare and education, in addition to exploring teaching opportunitie…………See More