crosses 3-Million Subscribers Mark has crossed the 3-million subscriber mark. The company has been growing steadily ever since it pioneered the concept of online group buying in India in November 2009, and has expanded to nine cities, besides offering pan-India deals that are valid anywhere in the country.

Alexa has ranked as the 115th most popular website in India and the #1 group buying site in the country (as on July 21, 2011). The Mydala network is now generating traffic of more than 250,000 visitors every day. The group has a funding of Rs.9 crore from renowned private equity financiers Info Edge and Rs.1.1 crore by founders of CX Partners, a $600 million PE fund.

Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO,, said, “We owe our success to all our subscribers and well-wishers who have continuously supported us and recommended us to friends and family. We are witnessing an all-round growth which is not just limited to just traffic rankings. We have sold more than 350,000 vouchers till date, through our partnerships with more than 8,000 popular merchants across India. We have the highest number of over 1,200 concurrent deals in the group buying space. From just 4 employees in 2009, we have now grown to a team size of over 60 people and continue to hire more, so that we can identify, negotiate and source more value-adding deals for our customers. The recent funding has been very timely for us as we move into the next phase and pioneering more innovative concepts in online buying in India. We are confident of getting into India’s top 100 sites by the end of this month. We are committed to ensure that our subscribers are continually wowed with the mydala experience. Each day, we try to source better and better deals for customers, provide friendlier customer care, and shorten our response times. We continue to expand our footprint aggressively to other cities in India to be able to deliver amazing deals to more and more people.”

With a clear focus on continuous innovation, has also introduced a “personalization engine” on its portal, which helps subscribers match and pick deals that are relevant to them, and have a choice of not receiving offers that are not relevant for them.

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