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Quora has beaten by security infraction – Being hacked up to 100 million users’ data …!!!

Quora has beaten by security infraction - Being hacked up to 100 million users' dataA  “Malicious Third Party” – hacked about 100 millions of user data from Quora by unauthorized access to its core system, acknowledged by a knowledge-sharing website said on this Monday.

“We are writing to let you know that we recently discovered that some user data was compromised as a result of unauthorized access to our systems by a malicious third party.” – this is the mail from Quora to all of its users and requested to change their password soon.

The user’s data are basically account information, names, email addresses, IP addresses, user IDs, encrypted passwords, user account settings, personalization data, public actions and content (including drafts) such as questions, answers, comments, blog posts and up-votes when authorized by users may have been compromised, it said. If you are a Quora user who contributed to the systems anonymously then your data will not have been impacted simply because that it does not store identity data of anonymous posters. It’s worth noting that the passwords that have been compromised were encrypted and hashed with a salt that will vary from user to user.

The disclosure email contains the usual, and frankly by this point pretty meaningless, apologies for any “concern or inconvenience this may cause” as well as the promises that everyone is working hard to investigate and take steps to prevent it happening again.The investigation is being carried out by the internal Quora security team as well as a third party digital forensics company. Law enforcement has, of course, also been informed. As for the steps being taken, these include the disclosure notification that has already started hitting inboxes around the world and a forced password reset for all users, who will also have been logged out of the system now. Although Quora is not making any public statements with further detail at this point in time, it does say that it has “identified the root cause” of the breach and has “taken steps to address the issue.”

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JioMusic and Saavn collaborate to create South Asia’s largest platform – JioSaavn

JioMusic and Saavn collaborate to create South Asia_s largest platform - JioSaavnNew integrated platform now available across all App stores and at

Powered by Jio’s advanced digital services infrastructure and complemented by its widespread user base, JioSaavn will be the largest streaming platform in South Asia as well as in India, with a catalog of more than 45 million songs and award-winning original content, JioSaavn brings users a wide-ranging audio experience.

As announced in March 2018 at the time of acquisition of Saavn by Reliance Industries Ltd, the implied valuation of the combined entity at over US$1 billion makes it the most valuable music streaming platform in South Asia, and among the most popular in the world. JioSaavn combines the streaming media expertise of Saavn with Jio’s digital services ecosystem. Jio is India’s largest digital services network with over 252 million subscribers. The integrated app has a massive addressable market opportunity both in India as well as for the Indian diaspora.

With the integrated JioSaavn app, users can expect a suite of new in-app products and music experiences, including an interactive lyrics feature, localized vernacular display, custom integrations with concerts and live events, as well as exclusive video content to roll out over the next few months.

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Digital Disruption & Transformation rule the roost at the 17th VAR Star Nite Awards

Digital Disruption & Transformation rule the roost at the 17th VAR Star Nite AwardsThe most coveted IT Awards Nite – the 17th edition of VARINDIA Star Nite Awards 2018 concluded in the capital city of New Delhi amidst the presence of the who’s who of the ICT industry. The event provided a platform for all to discuss latest technological disruptions that are going on in the Information Technology industry, technical presentations and also business networking.

The evening commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony that was graced by dignitaries including S N Tripathi, Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs – Govt. of India; Manjit Nayak, Addl. Director – STPI; C P Gurnani, MD & Chief Executive – Tech Mahindra; Dr. Deepak Kr. Sahu, Publisher – VARINDIA; Shyam Jaju, Vice President – BJP; S Mohini Ratna, Editor – VARINDIA; Vipin Tyagi, Executive Director – C Dot; A N Rai, Advisor to Minister of State for Communications and Minister of State for Railways, Govt. of India; Deepak Chanduka, Deputy Director General – DoT, Govt. of India and Alok Gupta, Managing Director – Unistal. The presence of all these dignitaries raised the bar to a different level never witnessed earlier.

Dr. Deepak Sahu, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Kalinga Digital Media in his evening welcome speech highlighted that India is becoming the global hub for manufacturing, the measures taken by the government will surely grow confidence amongst the manufacturers which will eventually create business opportunities. “Unique IDs for companies will definitely go a long way in contributing towards interest of the nation and increasing transparency by corporate. The iconic BharatNet project, where the government’s announcement to promote digitization through greater connectivity will fuel uptake for collaboration and remote working solutions resulting in a more productive and connected India.”

In her keynote address, S Mohini Ratna, Editor – VARINDIAsaid that India will remain the top-most offshoring destination for IT companies across the world. “In order to prove capabilities in delivering both on-shore and off-shore services to global clients, leading IT firms like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra and Accenture are diversifying their offerings and showcasing leading ideas in blockchain, artificial intelligence to clients using innovation hubs, research and development centres, in order to create differentiated offerings.”

C P Gurnani, MD & Chief Executive – Tech Mahindra, who was the special guest at this year’s event was honoured as the IT Man of the Year by VARINDIA.

In his speech, Gurnani while lauding VARINDIA’s contribution in propagating the PM’s vision of Digital India explained how this ambitious initiative can be turned into a reality. “So what does Digital India means to India? I would ask everyone to reflect on what has actually changed – it is a fact that the world has changed as digital transformation started taking shape. Along with this the type of leadership that is required will also change. Though it is true that the fundamentals of leadership is going to remain the same – the fundamentals of having a mission, a vision and the capabilities of harvesting the resources available and delivering results beyond expectations.”

S N Tripathi, Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs – Govt. of Indiain his speech said, “I believe in one simple philosophy – One mile of road can lead you to cover only one mile. But one mile of runway can take you anywhere. Today is the age of ‘Dataway’, or like our PM calls it the ‘Infoway’. This can take you literally anywhere if you are able to manage that.”

A N Rai, Advisor to Minister of State for Communications and Minister of State for Railways, Govt. of India while addressing the guests said, “I belong to a profession that is related to connectivity. But this connectivity is not always visible to the people as they are in the background. But for citizens to know what initiatives the govt. is taking it is very important to understand what projects are being undertaken. One just lucrative project is the BharatNet.”

Shyam Jaju, Vice President – BJP while highlighting the special initiatives of the BJP govt. said, “I came to Delhi at that time when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM of India. This was in 2001, when STD calls or Trunk calls used to be made to keep in touch with friends and relatives staying far-off. There has been so much revolution after that in the field of telecommunication. STD booths are not visible anymore but you will find a mobile phone in everyone’s palm today.”

In the corporate presentation Hursh Chetan, Consultant – Solutions Presales Group, HPE spoke about various initiatives of Hewlett Packard Enterprises. “The need for data has always been there. People have been using data to collect information and use it for different purpose. With the advent of multiple technologies, it is feasible to collect data at more regular intervals and people can now slice, dice and look at this data and use it more beneficially for faster, better reach.”

In the Tech Talk session, Shailendra Mandrawadkar, VP – Enterprise Sales – Happay; Sunil Sharma, MD (Sales) – Sophos and Harsha Bennur, Enterprise and Government Marketing Lead – India, NetApp presented their respective company’s transformation process and its key growth and success factors.

Shailendra Mandrawadkar, VP – Enterprise Sales – Happay said,” Happay is leading the technological revolution in India. And I am going to say that financial technology has grown as an industry today. Just recently PM Modi had been to Singapore attending a Fintech event and he hinted at how the fintech is the next big thing. And Happay as a company is doing a lot of innovative work.”

Harsha Bennur in his presentation stated, “The IT industry is transforming and the landscape is changing. Customers want to leverage the power of hybrid and multi cloud while continuing to utilise the current infrastructure they have in their environment. 65% of the companies are adopting a cloud-first model and in that 80% are using a multi-cloud environment.”Sunil Sharma, MD (Sales) – Sophos said, “Sophos is the name that has made cyber security simple. We as a company are into the cyber security business. As of today we provide end-to-end security. We have so many OEM partners who actually buy from us and then they sell to people like you and you sell to customers going forward.”

Like every year, Star Nite Awards took the opportunity to recognize the Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), and the top performing IT Vendors (Corporates) serving the Indian ICT Industry. The Awards Nite saw 11 CMOs being recognised. The top CMOs felicitated during the event ceremony are from NetApp, Adobe, Lenovo, NVIDIA, Suse, HPE, Barco, Netmagic, Seagate, UiPath and Veeam.

In the vendor award ceremony, close to 40 vendors have been recognized in various categories, based on the feedback received through an online voting from channel partners and VARs.

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VARINDIA’s 17th Annual Star Nite Awards witnesses VAR Symposium

VARINDIA's 17th Annual Star Nite Awards witnesses VAR SymposiumThis year’s VAR Symposium provides opportunities for India’s Top 100 VARs to learn about RPA, Virtualisation, opportunities in Wi-Fi and its implications on the channel growth and newer business opportunities –


The VAR Symposium 2018 that concluded at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on 23rd November has been specially designed to create a conducive platform for discerning industry folks to converse, learn, and disseminate knowledge & ideas. The daylong session included discussions on new business strategies to discover how to capitalize emerging customer needs. The main attraction of this year’s event was the presence of the 110+ CEOs from the VAR community including system integrators, solution partners, IT service providers, VADs and VARs from across the country, who converged under one roof to share ideas and drive discussion on the topic of Digital Disruption that is already shaping the industry. The event witnessed 4 Corporates giving their presentations on their service offerings that includes VMware, Schneider Electric, UiPath and Cambium Networks.


The theme for this year’s event was “Accelerating Digital Transformation”, around which most of the discussions revolved.

[From Left-to-Right:Krishna Raj Sharma, Director & CEO – iValue InfoSolutions; Rajesh Kaul, Senior Director – Tech Data India; Amalendu Mukherjee, Managing Director – Fourth Dimension Solutions; Alok Gupta, President – PCAIT; Champak Raj Gurjar, President – FAAITA; S Mohini Ratna, Editor – VARINDIA; Dr. Deepak Kr. Sahu, Publisher – VARINDIA; N K Mehta, MD & CEO – Secure Network Solutions; Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, India & SAARC – Cambium Networks; Bharat Sharma, Director, Presales – India & SAAC – Cambium Networks;  and Pradeep Suri – Partner Business Manager – VMware India ]


The event started with the lamp lighting in the presence of guests Krishna Raj Sharma, Director & CEO – iValue InfoSolutions; Rajesh Kaul, Senior Director – Tech Data India; Amalendu Mukherjee, Managing Director – Fourth Dimension Solutions; Alok Gupta, President – PCAIT; Champak Raj Gurjar, President – FAAITA; S Mohini Ratna, Editor – VARINDIA; Dr. Deepak Kr. Sahu, Publisher – VARINDIA; N K Mehta, MD & CEO – Secure Network Solutions; Rajiv Kapoor, Vice President, India & SAARC – Cambium Networks; Bharat Sharma, Director, Presales – India & SAAC – Cambium Networks;  and Pradeep Suri – Partner Business Manager – VMware India.


The event commenced with the welcome speech given by Dr. Deepak Sahu, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Kalinga Digital Media. He has highlighted the fact of how technology companies are rapidly expanding their portfolios through R&D or acquisition to provide new services to their clients. “Facebook is developing Messenger to become its search platform. Google is architecting a fiber connectivity network. Dell bought EMC to create an end-to-end hardware and software powerhouse. Similarly, convergence is driving the VAR industry as telecom companies incorporate leading routing and security services into their connectivity offerings. Now even cloud service providers are providing the market solutions directly to the end client. This brings newer opportunity to the VARs and Partners.”


In the corporate presentations, Pradeep Suri, Partner Business Manager – VMware India spoke about how technology is transforming every industry and businesses are slowly going digital and how as a channel-friendly company is VMWare helping partners achieve this. “Digital transformation is all about exploring newer opportunities and possibilities for your own businesses. It is driven by the desire for innovation, increased productivity, better ways of working, and improved business models to generate better revenues.”

Ashutosh Kapoor, VP – Partnership, UiPath Inc. said, “RPA is Robotic Process Automation and a common enterprise RPA starting point is Finance and Accounting. This includes Accounting, Payroll, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable and Financial Planning & Analytics.”

Bharat Sharma, Director – Presales (India & SAARC) – Cambium Networks in his presentation said, “Everything has its importance. LTE, 5G can be a very good backhaul option for wi-fi indoor and outdoor coverage. But the second option of partners and wireless service providers is to offer this as wi-fi-as-a-service or connectivity-as-a-service. Wi-fi is the prime wireless reality of today.”

Ranjan Kumar GM – Schneider Electric IT Business India said, “Schneider always talks about IT being on and everything on real time. We also ensure that customers and their infrastructure is also on. Technology is changing fuelling innovations – like we are accessing everything through cloud and mobility is on our palms.”

A total of 100 awards were given in different categories of Best Wi-Fi Partner, Best Smart City Solution Partner, Best Networking Partner, Best System Integrators, Best Solution Partner, Best Retailer, Best IT Service Provider, Best Sub Distributor, Best VADs, and Best Security Partner.

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Machine learning with RFID can validate Food adultery …..!!!

Machine learning with RFID can validate Food adulteryIf the food items are not safe to eat, then it should be rejected by someone before using it. But it is not possible manually to test every prepared food as well bottled food even when a threat like the recent baby food scare. Recently MIT researchers discovered a way to check many food items instantly, non invasively and from a distance – using the popular RFID tags.

RFID is the radio frequency Identification mechanism, uses the tiny antena embedded in a sticker or level that is activated and powered by radio waves at a very specific frequency. When a transceiver sends out a 950Mhz signal, the RFID tag wakes up and re-transmits a slightly different signal identifying itself. Products that announce themselves? Convenient for doing inventory!

What the researchers found was that this return signal, outside the actual information-bearing part, can be affected by the actual contents of the product, since the radio waves have to pass through them. Consequently, a jar full of pasta sauce and one full of olives would produce different signal profiles – as would an untouched jar of baby food compared with one contaminated with melamine.

The problem is that these differences can be very minor and it’s not like they’ve been documented anywhere – this is the first time anyone’s tried this. So naturally, the team turned to machine learning. They trained up a model that can tell with confidence what a signal profile corresponds to, with the minor variations that come from, say, slight differences in orientation or glass width.

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Intel India marks its 20th Anniversary by inaugurating its new design facility in Bengaluru

Intel India marks its 20th Anniversary by inaugurating its new design facility in BengaluruFurthering its commitment to advancing research & development (R&D) and innovation in the country, Intel India has marked its 20th anniversary with the inauguration of its latest state-of-the-art design house, SRR4, at its Bengaluru campus. It also announced key initiatives to promote innovation in the technology ecosystem and support inclusive participation of women in the industry.

Built with an investment of approximately Rs.1,100 crore, the newest facility located at Intel’s 44-acre campus on Sarjapur Ring Road (SRR) in Bengaluru, has 620,000 sq. ft. of space, including 100,000 sq. ft. of world-class lab infrastructure. Extending Intel’s R&D presence in India, it will house technologists who work on cutting-edge engineering across hardware and software.

A smart and green building, SRR4 is the second building in India to be constructed with the innovative “One Storey High Technology”, with each floor being built on the ground, then lifted and attached to the top of the building. This technology resulted in the reduction of scheduled construction time by up to 60% compared to traditional methods.

The new building is equipped with IoT-based smart features, including smart lights and real-time occupancy management, as well as innovative energy harvesting tiles installed at the entrance of the building that generate and store energy as people walk into the building. In addition, it uses renewable energy sources like solar and fuel cells for power generation, which is expected to meet 40% of the building’s power demand and reduce CO2 emissions by 37%.

The state-of-the-art design facility was inaugurated by Shri Manoj Sinha, Minister of State (IC) for Communications and Minister of State for Railways, Government of India, and Bob Swan, CFO & interim CEO of Intel Corporation, in the presence of many other delegates from the government, industry and academia.

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Microwave from Alexa ..!!! It is unbelievable.. what she can do for you …???

Microwave from Alexa ..!!! It is unbelievable.. what she can do for youAt $60 the AmazonBasics microwave has an excellent price.

Features :

* Takes the guesswork out of cooking certain items

* Small, fits under counters

* Seamless integration between microwave and speaker

* Automatic popcorn replenishment via Amazon Dash

* Inexpensive

* Amazon Echo speaker required to use Alexa

* Plain and simple looking

It is not a rumor that Amazon might be introducing a microwave, we thought: Hah, a microwave ? You mean, like the kind in a kitchen that warms a Hot Pocket during hangovers ???

What does Amazon, maker of Kindles, Fire TV devices, and Alexa Echo speakers, and if Amazon is going to build microwaves with an Alexa speaker, does this mean we’re going to see other Amazon appliances in the near future ? Is Amazon trying to make every single device we own talk back to us ? And finally, what does all this mean for humanity ?

It does, however, work with an Alexa speaker, like an Echo or Echo Dot (you can’t use it with a first-generation Echo or Echo Dot, but all others are fine). Without an Echo device within Bluetooth range, the microwave just becomes a regular small appliance.

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