Brocade enhances its networking for IP Storage


Brocade has announced it is redefining networking for IP storage systems with storage connectivity portfolio for both data center and disaster recovery applications to help enterprise IT teams manage growth, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. EMC will continue to work to integrate new IP storage technology features to the EMC Connectrix family of network switches and management software.

“In delivering the industry’s first complete portfolio purpose-built and optimized for IP storage, Brocade is helping to ensure that our mutual customers can easily deploy, operate, and scale out high-performance fabrics that deliver the predictable performance and unmatched resiliency required for business-critical applications and disaster recovery initiatives. Brocade has been the de-facto standard for storage networking for nearly two decades. Our storage heritage is built into the DNA of every fabric switch we sell, whether it is IP or Fibre Channel,” said Jack Rondoni, Vice-President, Storage Networking, at Brocade.

The Brocade VDX 6740 switch, which was added to the EMC Connectrix family in February, redefines network visibility and agility with superior automation and simplicity. The introduction of Fabric Vision technology enables advanced policy-based monitoring and alerting based on nearly 20 years of Brocade experience and best practices in a single click. IT staff will be able to quickly deploy a resilient and high-performance storage network through zero-touch, self-forming fabrics. In addition, they can automatically provision network capacity with minimal intervention and virtually no learning curve.

The Brocade 7840 extension switch has been enhanced to support IP, as well as Fibre Channel, to provide fast and secure connectivity for IP storage between data centers, enabling organizations to better meet their disaster recovery objectives. It enables the equivalent of local replication performance, but delivers it over long distances with strong encryption to address disaster recovery requirements.

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